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Pain Relief

If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, be it from health issues, accident, or surgery, there’s a chance clinical massage therapy can help. Clinical massage therapy is often targeted work, focusing specifically on the areas of pain and discomfort. Clinically based massage focuses on improving soft tissue function by increasing range of motion, circulation, and is rehabilitative in nature. It improves function in the soft tissue, muscles, fascia and joints. Massage also helps to speed recovery time from injury and surgery, reduces pain, improves blood flow…and many other benefits! 

Clinical Massage Therapy can help a wide variety of conditions, a few are listed below. (we always recommend discussing massage with your healthcare provider to determine if it is right for you. Massage Therapy is not a substitute for medical care.) 

● Arthritis 

● Elhers Danos Syndrome 

● Whiplash -Low back pain 

● Muscle Strain/Sprains

● Fibromyalgia 

● Lyme Disease 

● Multiple Sclerosis 

● Pre Surgery Pain Relief & Post Surgery Recovery 

● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

● Scar Tissue Reduction 

● Edema 

● Overuse Injuries 

● Allergies 

● Asthma 

● Migranes 

Types Of Clinical Massage Therapy 

These are just a few conditions Clinical Massage Therapy can treat. If you don’t see your condition on here, it doesn’t mean we can’t help! Give us a call to see if massage therapy is right for you. If you feel that clinical massage therapy is best for you, we recommend the following services: 

● Integrative Customized Massage (best for injury related issues, custom tailored to your needs) 

● Hendry Athletic Myotherapy (best for helping with range of motion) 

● Deep Tissue Massage (best for reducing deep muscle pain) 

● Signature Customized Massage (best for improving blood flow, reducing inflammation & boosting immunity) 

● Lymphatic Drainage Massage (best for edema and many autoimmune conditions & pain relief) 

● Postural Corrective Bodywork(best for correcting postural distortions and muscular imbalance caused by injury or overuse) 

● Migraine Relief (excellent for alleviating Migraine headache pain) 

Recommended Enhancements: 

● Cupping (removes stubborn adhesions or “muscle knots” with the use of silicone or plastic cups. Cupping can also be highly beneficial for respiratory related issues) 

● CBD (Contains pain relieving cannabinoids for reducing pain & inflammation) 

Infrared Amethyst Biomat The Biomat combines far infrared rays, negative ion therapy and the superconductive healing properties of pure amethyst & Tourmaline for the effective treatment of a range of health issues including: stress, insomnia, sprains and strains, post-surgical healing and scar reduction, joint and muscle soreness, chronic neck and back pain, heavy metal toxicity, inflammation, arthritis, Lyme disease and circulatory issues

You deserve improved quality of life, better healing, and freedom from pain. To schedule, click the “Book Appointment” below, or give us a call at 860-861-8978. We are here to help! 

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