We provide Customized Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Specialty Bodywork
Nutritional Health Coaching, Organic Skin Care, and More.

At Everything Zen Wellness Collaborative, we can help you reach optimal health through our services of therapeutic massage and bodywork, reflexology, organic skin care, nutritional health coaching, and the use of the BioMat. These are many actions that you can take to improve the quality of your life so you can feel better today!

Learn more about the services that we offer at Everything Zen,
a Collaborative of Independent Holistic Health Practitioners.

1Customized Massage Therapy:
(available in 30, 60 & 90 minute sessions)

Our primary service here at Everything Zen! Our team of licensed massage therapists have something to offer EVERY BODY. From fighting chronic pain to relieving stress, we have the perfect massage for YOU!

Choose from the following types of massage...
-Swedish Massage -Deep Tissue Massage
-Table Thai Massage -Pregnancy Massage
-Medical Massage -Lymphatic Drainage
-Sports Massage -Aromatherapy Massage
-Postural Corrective Bodywork

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1Natural & Organic Skin Care:
(available in 60 and 90 minute sessions)

Our Organic Skin Care features sustainable, eco-friendly products, free of parabens and harsh chemicals. All skin types notice immediate benefits. We are firmly committed to the health of your skin and the health of our planet by using products that are not only non toxic, but also organic. Choose from the following skin care services...

-Everything Zen Customized Facial
-All Organic Skin Renewal Facial
-Ultimate Facelift Peel

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1Specialty Bodywork:
(available in 60 & 90 minute sessions)

Our specialty bodywork modalities help in relieving stress, balancing the nervous system, and help the body facilitate its self healing mechanisms. Choose from the following modalities:

-Reiki -Crainiosacral Therapy -Cupping
-Foot Reflexology -Ear Candling -Biomat Therapy

appleLadyHolistic Health Coaching:

Our holistic health coach specializes in designing customized programs to address each individual's unique nutritional needs. We offer an effective approach to preventative health, and can get you on the path to healing many health conditions!

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