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How Clinical Massage Therapy Can Help You

Posted on December 20, 2022

For years experts have touted the benefits of functional medicine and alternative therapies as solutions to health concerns most people go to the doctor for. But for many, the idea of getting a massage to treat a headache is a little outlandish. Or is it? 

The benefits of clinical massage therapy are as wide as they are varied, and nobody knows that better than Everything Zen of Connecticut. For more than 10 years, we’ve treated the people of Groton’s pain, and anxiety, and even helped them navigate difficult chronic conditions — all through clinical massage therapy. Read on to learn the benefits of clinical massage therapy, or get in touch with us to feel the difference for yourself.

Massage Therapy Aids in Pain Relief

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, two out of five Americans live with pain every day. For some, this pain is mild and can be handled with some rest. For others, the pain is acute or chronic and can range in severity from mild to excruciating. Massage therapy has been proven effective in managing pain, alongside a doctor-prescribed pain management plan.

It Can Help With Chronic Conditions

Therapeutic massage is an area of continuous research, and the results are promising. For those who suffer from hand pain in particular, as a result of carpal tunnel or injury, massages can reduce the frequency and intensity of the pain. For people attempting to manage their chronic conditions, massage therapy is a viable option.

Improves Circulation

Clinical massage therapy can help improve circulation in your body. Massage directs oxygen-rich blood to different parts of the body, which can promote better circulation, which in turn supports muscle function and organ health.

Helps With Anxiety

Massages for anxiety? You heard it right. Massages promote relaxation in the mind and body, which in turn can help manage your anxiety. Clinical massage therapy is so effective in treating anxiety that it is even recommended at many hospitals as a vital component in an anxiety treatment plan.

Clinical massage therapy is a versatile, powerful, non-pharmaceutical tool for improving your life; whether that’s managing a chronic condition or even just unwinding after a long day. Interested in massage? Get in touch with Everything Zen today.

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