Find out why our clients have been so loyal through the years! It is an honor to provide each and every person we see with quality massage therapy and holistic health services. Our philosophy is simple: to provide you with exceptional care, commitment and results!


  • "Holly, thank you for a wonderful massage & facial on Thursday. My back has been feeling great & my complexion is doing very well with the new cream too. You are tops!!"
    Anita Kertz-Haskell
  • "Holly, I've had many massages over the years, but there is something that you have the talent to do that is unlike any other. I feel so energized, focused, 'cleaned' as in detoxed, and just plain WONDERFUL! I need this every day, but will settle for every two weeks. You and I are bonded for life!"
    Marilyn Dayton, Mystic, CT
  • "I just wanted to say thank you. My poison ivy is much better today. You helped me! You are a miracle woman!!!"
    Sandy Voogd, Stonington, CT
  • "I followed Holly Potter from her former employer to her own office, Everything Zen, because I have found her to be consistently both technically and personally superior. I see Holly for facials which I find to be the most excellent I have experienced. I have always been more than satisfied with the results and appreciate the attention given to my sometimes challenging skin issues. She never fails to inform me of anything she feels may be of assistance to me. She is extremely thoughtful and it is evident that customer satisfaction is a goal to which Holly strives, and achieves. I am particularly interested in caring for myself naturally. Holly’s wealth of holistic healthcare knowledge and her use of organic products fits with my views perfectly. As an experience, Holly’s facials are blissful, making a session with her ‘Everything Zen’!"
    M.G., Mystic, CT
  • "With kindness, professionalism, knowledge, Holly has your best interest in mind at all times. Always willing to work with whatever your individual needs are. On a scale of 1 to 10, in being exceptional, Everything Zen is ALL in my book!"
    Lee Stafford, Stonington, CT
  • "Holly is hands down the best massage therapies I have ever had. I have a poorly understood genetic disorder that she’s gong above and beyond to research and treat, and because of her dedication, I feel better than I have in years! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have this wonderful, knowledgeable group of people on my side!"
    J. H. Groton, CT
  • "Holly is a gifted healer who is well versed in a variety of techniques. She has the perfect cocktail of natural modalities for my ailments!"
    Carlene Thornton, Mystic, CT
  • "Everything Zen – THE place to relax and rejuvenate! Such a relaxing, pleasant space, and Holly is so thoughtful and client-focused. It is a joy to spend time at Everything Zen!"
    Carol Burgess, Oakdale, CT
  • "I’ve been going to Holly Potter for massage for several years. She is amazing. I tried massage with Holly initially for chronic lower back problems. Not only has she significantly helped my back, but she has also helped immensely with stress relief. I find that through our regular massage appointments, I am happier, healthier and now the pain in my back is greatly reduced, occurring infrequently. I credit this to Holly’s knowledge of multiple therapeutic approaches. She is a great massage therapist!"
    T.G., Mystic, CT


  • "Monica has been my Massage Therapist for 4 years. Controlling my weight, Yoga and Massage Therapy have been the 3 keys ingredients to extending my participation in sports (Softball, Basketball and Racquetball). Upon arrival for my Massage Therapy I leave all my stress at the door and never talk during the session because she always finds the issues. Shin Splints were my initial concern and amazingly she corrected it. I highly recommend Monica Smith from Everything Zen."
    Thank you Monica -Steve J
  • "I have been seeing Monica for over twenty years. She is kind and compassionate and attentive to my needs. She always finds the spot that is troubling me and works out all the kinks. Her touch is firm but gentle. She is very knowledgeable and has a holistic approach to helping me solve things that may be troubling me. I always feel better after a session. I usually schedule an appointment every two weeks. I can really tell a difference if I am unable to keep this schedule."
    D.J. Mystic, CT


  • "Mary is truly gifted and has a client for life! I’ve seen over 20 massage therapists prior to seeing her, and it does not get any better!"
    D. T., Groton, CT
  • "I can't wait to have another 90 minutes with Mary! I had the best massage yesterday and woke up feeling incredible. Thank you!"
    L.J. Groton, CT
  • "Mary Watrous at Everything Zen was amazing! I will gladly drive the 2 hour trip to feel as incredible and relaxed as I do. Thank you, Mary!"
    A.A. Springfield, MA


  • "I have never been committed to a regular masseuse, but Shailyn is amazing! She has such skillful hands and is so attentive to my sore areas. She has a gentle, yet perfectly firm touch that leaves me feeling so refreshed and energized. I’m definitely committed!"
    Anita H., East Lyme, CT
  • "I am so pleased to be able to give my full-fledged endorsement to the staff at Everything Zen. They are kind and caring people who are fantastic at what they do!” I have ulcerative colitis and have noticed that since having a monthly massage, my symptoms have lessened and are more manageable. Thank you to Holly and Shailyn for their care and concern."
    S. M., Groton, CT

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